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Ritual Basics Guide


Our Ritual Basics Guide takes you through the fundamental steps of crafting your own successful rituals: cleansing, casting, altar creation, intention setting, and how activities and attunements activate your purpose. This guide is perfect for those just getting started in ritual work and for those looking for a fresh approach not tied to any one specific belief system.




The underlying intention of our Ritual Guide Series is to create ourselves as art objects. Within each of these rituals lies the power and potential to ignite our inner alchemy.

Just like you would go to an energy worker to help bring to the surface that which needs to be seen, moved through, and cleared, our rituals hold the same opportunities for potent healing. We believe that we each have it within us to heal ourselves and to shift our energy with our own intention and attention. Our rituals provide the framework for this process.

We’ve spent many a night feeling our way through the mystery of our own magic, unlocking its potential. With these guides, we are happy to now open the door with you!


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