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Moon Oil Trio


Our Moon Oil Trio supports your personal response to the moon phases, assisting you through contraction, calibration, expansion, and integration.

Each 10 ml bottle is charged with Reiki to enhance its healing properties and is crafted with oils from Young Living.

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Release :: Lime // Cedarwood // Eucalyptus // Nutmeg // Orange (in fractionated coconut oil)

  • [stir] to increase circulation + stimulate
  • [clear + open]  heart + lungs
  • [let go] tension + grief + old identities

Balance :: Bergamot // Lime // Nutmeg // Rosemary // Peppermint (in fractionated coconut oil)

  • [ease] emotional pain + stress
  • [support] focus, clarity + presence
  • [restore] energy + connection

Renew :: Clary Sage // Palo Santo // Grapefruit // Bergamot // Peppermint (in fractionated coconut oil)

  • [relieve] pressure + expectations
  • [ground] to declutter + protect
  • [arrive] back to self

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