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Welcome to Acts of Ritual!

This is a “place.” This is an experience. This is a community. Like any sacred site, this is a sanctuary for you to come to when seeking connection, wholeness, and conscious living.

Yes, it’s a website too!

Here, you will find a series of tools to assist you in crafting creative acts of ritual for self-care, self-reflection, and transformation. Here, we share meditation, somatic connection, ritual experiences, and invite you to explore that which is internal. Eternal.

We find what we’re looking for from deep inside, but we all need assistance from time to time. Here, we arouse the artist within, promoting possibilities for the (r)evolution of self.



Who are we?

Acts of Ritual was founded by friends, performance artists, theatre makers, and healers, Carrie Drapac and Lindsay Hopkins. While living together as roommates during particularly challenging times in our lives, we spent many late nights sharing thoughts on healing and spirituality, exchanging energy healing sessions, and eventually crafting performative rituals – some just for ourselves and close friends while others were open to the public.

Here at Acts of Ritual you’ll find the collected archive of our ongoing journey.

Check out more here about our interest in art as a process towards the creation of self. 



Our Philosophy

We are interdisciplinary artists of life, endlessly fascinated by the intersections of multiple truths. We believe that crafting intention and interaction in an artful way, with our bodies + souls, can truly change culture. We do not subscribe to any one spiritual belief system, nor do we believe any one way of healing is better than another. We are interested in discovering and collaborating with our own opposites. We find expansion in exploring and accepting all parts of ourselves. In doing so, we find that truth is ever changing just as the universe is ever expanding. Our understanding of a concept, a feeling, a philosophy shifts continuously as we allow ourselves to evolve from our contradictions within.

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