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Today you are opening a portal. A doorway into new energy. With my New Moon beams you can create access to an awakening. Awakening is always at the tips of your fingers. Let me be your mirror – to show you what is going on deep within. You can reflect onto me the meaning and metaphors you need, in order to understand the stories of your existing.  

This part of my cycle assists you in embracing the darkness so that fear can loosen its hold. In this realm of infinite possibility, I support you to: Rest. To trust. To renew.  

Today I hold space in the sign of Libra. Today I stand for relationship, balance and justice.     

I come to provide a falling away of illusion. It is time for a renewal. And you are ready. It is time to find your strength and your voice. To find your inner guidance. To take matters into your own hands. To bring forth all that has been hidden within, up to the surface to be understood and used to your advantage.

Today I urge you to make new choices about the way forward. You are at a crossroads in your relationship to the old and the new. And with how you relate to those around you. The new is painful, scary – it will ask you to leave comfort, security and habit behind. This month will ask you to grieve everything you once thought was truth but now see can no longer be an option. This month can set a whole new course for your path forward, but you have to choose it. Another way forward out from under the burdens of being in relationship to a crumbling system that no longer fits the frequencies you’re ready to hold. A dying system that can’t possibly provide you the kind of container you now need to survive authentically in connection with your deepest self.

It’s time to find the guts you’re made from, and uncover the skills you have to carve another way forward. One never created before. To find your inner vision and provoke out from within you the impulses needed to create a New Earth. It’s time for each of us to ask who we truly want to be in this world and how to start actively shaping it.

Don’t be fooled by the game still being played around you. It will continue to grasp on with every last claw it can to squeeze out the game longer – but you no longer have to play if you choose not to. That’s up to you. We’ve all been complicit in one way or another of not being ready to let go of what once was – but you cannot continue to do this in exchange for your truth. You won’t receive anything back for it in return. It’s time to ask, what’s the price I’m willing to pay to deny my most basic needs?

I ask you to transform. And in choosing transformation I can help to set you free. I ask you to risk the painful task of trusting in the unknown. Allow yourself to trust in the new life hiding within, now ready to come forward. To trust the empty horizon ahead of you.

Allow yourself to be many things at once, to exist in a kaleidoscope of multiple truths. There is an expansion found in exploring and accepting all parts of yourself. In doing so, you’ll find that truth is ever changing just as the universe is ever expanding.


The Moon


Affirmations for this New Moon:

I release anything that is still haunting me from the old ways that are ready to shift, in order to renew. I accept myself as part of the fabric of the mysteries of the universe. I move forward into new horizons in how I relate to others and the systems we’ve created.

I renew in order to get in touch with what is non-negotiable in how I want to operate in this world. To surrender to what I can no longer put off. I recommit to giving myself the structures of support and relating needed to best create new foundations for my life.

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