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We do ritual because sometimes thinking is too much work. Ritual takes us out of our heads and into our bodies. Ritual allows us to rely on objects, energy, myth and philosophy to uncomplicate the minutiae of the mind.

Much of the time, when we seek healing, understanding, and transformation we are working with the unseen. The intangible. It can be difficult to stay focused and connected to what we can’t see or touch. For this reason, we encourage the use of an altar for ritual work. An altar is a place where the formless takes form. It is a place for you to anchor your energy.

Each altar item becomes a symbol representing an idea, feeling, or action.

You imbue each item with meaning through the power of your attention and intention. Your altar is a safe and sacred space for you to return time and again. It is a constant reminder to take time for yourself and stay grounded in your being. As artists, we love that altar creation becomes a chance to make art. It’s an installation! Your altar set up and objects are a unique expression of you at the moment of time in which you create it.

Set up your altar anywhere you feel called to and are comfortable performing a ritual! On top of your dresser, a coffee table, a fireplace mantle, bookshelf, windowsill, in a garden nook. You don’t need to find a single space for your altar. You can build an altar in a new place each time you do a ritual. Make space for a permanent altar, if possible, so you can ground your energy and connect to your intentions in the time between rituals. Our Moon Ritual Box is designed to double as an altar space and a container for all of your ritual tools so you can always have a small, portable altar nearby. Obviously, we think you should try it out!

Put any object on your altar, making it a very personal and creative act. You’ll want to prepare your altar with all the tools you know that you’ll be using during your ritual. Spend a little time thinking about the themes of the ritual you’ll be doing, the season you’re in, your current state of being. Then let your intuition guide you in choosing your altar items.

Common Ritual Tools for your Altar:

Candle(s) & matches or lighter

Smudge Stick(s) or clearing incense

Essential oils


Items representing the four elements – earth, wind, water, fire

Paper and pen or a ritual journal

Other Suggestions for Altar Items:

Bits of nature you’ve collected that speak to the current season.

Any items that are currently holding an energy that you want to release or be supported by: a picture, a letter, a piece of jewelry, a favorite stuffed animal, etc.

Ritual food or drink that speaks to the themes you’re working with.

Water to symbolically cleanse any parts of your body where you’re holding something.

Any items that beautify your ritual space.

We believe that ceremony makes our curiosities, reflections and difficulties special. It marks important moments in time and gives that which we’re trying to find our way to energy to build + grow + renew + release.

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