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Winter for me, as for so many, is a time of slowing down and turning inward. The darkness, the cold, spending time with loved ones through the holidays, and the turning over from one year to the next – all these things conspire within me, inspiring me to consider how I’m living my life. I could take these reflections and turn them into at least 15 New Year’s Resolutions that would ultimately overwhelm me. But instead, I think I’ll take some advice from myself and, in the days to come, spend time letting my resolutions arise from within. Sensing from a deeper somatic place the path that already exists and the way through the bramble.

We invite you take a similar approach to your New Year’s resolutions. And to facilitate what may be a new way of finding resolutions, or intentions, we’d love to share with you an excerpt from our Ritual Basics Guide and a short ritual. We hope you enjoy this approach and would love to hear how it goes for you!

Setting intention seems to be all the rage these days.

But “intention setting” is often used as a softer term for goal setting or a more spiritual sounding term for making a wish. We like to approach intention setting a bit differently…

Success and productivity have been put on such high pedestals in our culture that they often seduce us into living lives that may not actually resonate with our deepest intention for being here in the first place. So when we talk about setting intention, we are talking about connecting to your reasons for being. Deciding what you want. Connecting to the way you want to show up in the world. The way you were made and meant to exist.

Our thoughts on intention…

To align with your intention, it has to rest inside of you. Rather than placing intention outside of yourself, like a goal, into some linear timeline – find it in your field, in the NOW.

Your intention already exists in the universe. As you breathe into your energy field, your field expands into an ocean of possibilities, and THAT will align you to your already present intention.

This is one of the many reasons we meditate. Meditation provides space and time for our minds to clear. For our bodies to settle. For our spirit to rise up, walk into our intention and align with it.

(P.S. Meditation doesn’t have to be silent!! Yoga is a meditation. Movement. Breathing exercises. Meditation can be anything that connects you to your body and helps you to get out of the “thinking” mind.)

When this feels hard, you can enter into a journey of discovering what’s blocking you from the very thing you want. From the very way you want to be. We find this can go two ways. You either don’t really want what you think you want because it’s not actually in alignment with your deepest desires (we’re so complicated!) OR there’s a belief standing in between you and your ability to bring your intention to life.

A Brief Ritual for Sensing & Setting Intention…

1. Find a quiet, cozy spot where you can sit and simply be with yourself for a while. What have you been thinking a lot about lately? This is a great clue as to what is going on inside of us – what we deeply desire for our lives or what may be keeping us from it.

2. Take time with the questions that come up for you and reflect on them through journaling or meditation.

3. Tune into your body and see if you can feel where physical tension or ease arises when pondering your questions and whatever “answers” may come up for you.

4. Once you have contemplated and felt your current state of being, on a piece of paper write down a clear, concise and constructive sentence, set in the present. This statement can be what you found your intention to be, what you’d like to cultivate to further align with your intention, and/or what you would like to release and clear that is blocking you from aligning with your intention.

5. If you so desire, burn this scrap of paper, utilizing the magic and energy of fire to ignite a shift into alignment with your intention.

6. Close your eyes and breathe deeply into your energy field. See if you can sense the energy of your intention somewhere in your energy field or physical body. Once you do, breathe into it. Breath is energy. You have the power to breathe your being into your intention and breathe your intention into your being, so that you and your intention are fully aligned.

*Find more about intention setting and learn the elements for creating your own rituals in our Ritual Basics Guide.

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