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I’ve been needing to do a ritual. It’s been building in me. There’s been something I’ve been needing to honor from my past and also release myself from. And nothing short of the power of ritual could do this for me. And what better excuse then the Winter Solstice to do it!

I must admit I’ve been tired and busy and my ritual practice has been dismal at best these days. 🙂 So I pulled out our Ritual Basics Guide because all of the sudden I felt shy in the face of it and needed help. BUT then…my tired kicked in. Again. I really just wanted to make a ritual of showering (to cleanse myself of others’ energies) and watching Outlander in bed.

But the tug of the ritual, oh the tug. So I decided to build it into my getting ready for bed routine and to finish it the next day, in order to find space for the ritual in my daily living without overwhelming myself with more to do!

This ritual is about the power of perception, the energy of words, and our right to choose how we’re affected by situations and others.

My ritual score:

#1 – Go to the kitchen for a snack and make a plan.

#2 – Identify that which you need to clear out of your field. For me, during this ritual, it was words that were said that triggered the empath in me. Triggered the fear that speaking up for myself will be too much for someone else to hold with care. Triggered the worry that comes when I let myself become a scapegoat to someone else’s fear, confusion and wounds. 

*My focus in this ritual was to choose something I needed to release that represented a perception that was placed upon me that I needed to let go of in order to honor who I know myself to be and strengthen my own identity and perception of myself. As you identify what you would like to release think about anything happening in your life that you no longer wish to let have power over you. 

#3 – Place crystals with an obejct, written words, photo etc that you’ve identified that represents that which you want to release. Place these items on a windowsill. With the aid of sunlight or moonlight from the window ask the energy in the object, text on the page, photo etc to loosen its grip and ask that the energetic build up involved be sent back to their creator or to be transmuted into something new. Remembering that you can release yourself from what isn’t yours to hold, so that you can find your way back to your own center. 

*Do this with compassion and love for the very thing you need to clear and why the wounds (both yours and those that belong to another person or situation who trigger you) exist in the first place. There is always a root cause to our reactions and the wounding they come from and placing blame or fault to quickly only hurts everyone involved more. 

#4 – Take a few minutes to free write anything related to the theme or issue your focused on that you’re ready to release from your life right now. To purge for the coming of the light. The Winter Solstice is the darkest day. That means each day coming is a move towards more light. (Though this can be done at any time!) Light clears. Light purifies. Light makes way for the new to come forward. 

#5 – Place your free write on the windowsill as well.

#6 – Ask the sun, that will come up in the morning (I hope…it is December…) to help cleanse any dense energy that you no longer wish to participate in. You can also place a plant friend with the items you’ve placed on the windowsill to represnt bringing in new life. 

#7 – Take that shower. Cleanse. Cleanse. Cleanse. Release. Release. Release. Thank you epsom salt scrub.

#8 – Light a candle to recharge myself.

#9 – Get into bed. Rub essential oils on your feet as an act of self-care and appreciation to yourself. Do it even if you feel tired and sad. 

#10 – Meditate, do yoga, or do some energy healing on yourself. Anything quiet that will help you come back to yourself and let your nervous system relax. Honor yourself. The parts of you affected by  perceptions or beliefs outside of your control that do not have to mean anything about who you are. Honor the parts of you that you may edit too often out of fear. Honor all the parts of you that may be affected by that which you are trying to cleanse. 

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#11 – Pull light down from source, asking this limitless energy source available to us all at all times to create a very strong boundary around you. Pull it into you energy field strengthening your own perception of who you know yourself to be. 

Then tomorrow:

#12 – Burn the paper and scatter the ashes to the wind.

#13 – Repeat: “I will stand my ground. I do not allow something or someone to enter my field without my permission or tell me who I am or am not.” (Side note: When we place blame on someone else because we’re not willing to be flawed and look at our own reflection, we end up energetically tying ourselves to them. But we can choose to untangle those knots by making an active choice not to let someone else’s blame, that is not our responsibility to take, to have any power. And to check ourselves when we want to place blame or fault to quickly in return.)

#14 – Cleanse by smudging (make sure to open a window!) your home/bedroom of anything released in the night. Or released from the burning of the paper.

#15 – Allow any anger, frustration, hurt etc still present to stay as it needs. It might be too premature to expect it all to resolve quickly. Honor it. Hold it in complexity without the need to jump ahead and find forgiveness and resolution before you’re ready. Hold compassion for yourself, the situation and/or other person as you can in the acceptance that EVERYTHING is always more complex than we may be able to understand with the naked eye. 

#16 – Wait until the anger has played itself out first before moving to the next stages of a grieving process.

#17 – When you’re ready, forgive yourself for anything you may not yet understand or be able to forgive in others and set an intention to get there when you’re ready.

In this 2 day ritual I set this intention:

To allow this clearing to release and unbind me from that which is no longer mine to be part of. To make that choice for myself in order to recognize that my worth is higher than what I’ve just purged is able to be in alignment with. To allow this release to create space for my anger to be heard. To be honored. To be handled in its complexity. To continue to unconditionally love that which is asking to be sacrificed from this place and time in my life. To say thank you for what once was and to forgive myself for no longer being able to hold space for it. I do this in order to evolve to where I’m meant to go next.

During this process I realized that ritual does not need an altar or a long period of time to truly honor whatever it is you are needing to process. It’s important to honor your own impulses and what you can do with what you have where you are at.

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